2023 First Quarter Pricing | AJRoe-SEO Services

Please Note: ALL prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the work and deadlines. You will be notified of any changes BEFORE work begins.

Website Design Services

All website design to be performed on CMS websites (like Wordpress, Wix, etc). No custom coding available.

Basic Site Setup and Home Page | 350$

Minimal website service purchase. This is the basic setup of the website (including main menu navigation, essential plugins/tools coordinated, and the layout and content of the homepage) and includes a free contact page (a generic page with contact info and social media links if you want the contact info not on the Homepage). 

Addition Pages - Original Content | 100$ per page

New pages with custom content (text and images) I create to support your site and business goals. Max 2k words and 10 images. Does not include online store accommodations.

Additional Pages - Content Supplied by Client | 50$ per page

When client supplies content for the additional page (including but not limited to text, images, video, links, etc), this is the basic construction (including added to the menu where appropriate) and implementing the content provided.

Web Page SEO Refresh | 50$ per page

Advanced SEO for a page/post. This includes additional keyword research about the 5 main keywords on the page/post such a quick scope of competition and traffic, and standout information found in the researach, and a list of suggestions based on the research and the rest of your site and the basic SEO (like headings coordination, keyword implementation, image alt text) implemented.

Blog Post Creation - 1k to 2k words post | 75$

Includes SEO to support site's keywords and niche, appropriate free stock images with titles and alt text, external and internal (where possible) links, and metadata.

Newsletter Management | 50$ per email (negotiable if booked long term)

Email includes custom content promoting your main email topic, up to 3 additional promotions, creating/editing images as needed for the email, and scheduling. Also includes metadata in case the newsletter will be converted to blog post after being shared.

Website Management Services | Price varies based on Tasks, Work Load, Deadlines, and Duration of Position (start at 25$ per hour)

All of my website related Management Services are considered VA Services in my business, and include an extremely wide variety of tasks (many of which are time consuming and vital) so I typically estimate services based on the time it will take to perform the work at the rate of 50$ per hour. All tasks, responsibilities, and expectations will be discussed prior to access being granted to begin the work. This same pricing principle applies to booking work as part of VA Services. Potential services include: store management, product management, sales monitoring, blog management, content coordination, and more.

Online Shop Setup | starts at 500$

Includes up to 20 products, Home page, contact page, about page, and store page, store coordination (such as sorting, labels, sales on items), and defining a standard operating procedure for adding products for long term use.

Task À la Carte - For Unforeseen Tasks | 20$ and up

If an unforeseen, but quickly resolvable task not detailed in the already established work arises, it's usually 20$ to knock it out as an added task. If it requires additional, time, tools, or input the price goes up. If you should need an A la Carte task, I will discuss the price and expectation before issuing any invoices.

SEO Services

All SEO Services are price upon request. Due to the intense work needed to perform quality SEO services, I only offer estimates after a discussion of the tasks, work load, expectations, and deadlines associated with the work.

VA Services

Virtual Assistant Services start at 50$ per hour, and can be booked for up to 15 hours per week. All tasks, responsibilities, and expectations will be discussed prior to access being granted to begin the work. If you're looking for a VA who can manage your website, schedule, and online stores, please feel free to contact me so we can have a free consultation!

Social Media Services

All social media services are priced based on tasks and not time, but must be booked at least 2 weeks ahead of time. If you are seeking a long term social media manager, we can negotiate a flat rate based on the time, deadlines, and tools provided.

Content Creation (Image and Copywriting for posts) | Prices vary depending on Tasks

Social Media posts for Facebook and Instagram are typically booked at 10$ per post for an image and caption (up to 500 words) and hashtags (up to 15). YouTube video captions start at 25$ for up to 750 words. Twitter will be negotiated. Qualities that can increase prices include: how much research is provided vs newly performed to create quality work, how much of the aesthetics are left up to me to create (like a pallet or a style for the profile's posts), resources and tools provided, and others.

Content Strategy | 150$ per quarter (3months)

Based on niche norms, posting frequency, business goals, and more. This is a guiding list which coordinates your posts based on: With this service you could create your own posts with the knowledge that your social media channels are both catered to your business goals as well as using current information and trends.

Insights Reporting | 25$ per month

This is a report interpreting your analytics and traffic and explaining the numbers, identifying success, and highliting any new insights.