A freelance SEO and Web Consultant specializing in the digital marketing budding businesses need to establish themselves and grow through sustainable practices and strategic content.


An SEO to help you GROW!

When it comes to online marketing, it's the execution that really rakes in the results. Even the grandest marketing campaign is carefully calculated with the basic best practices in mind. No matter what stage your business is in, when you're looking to scale you come back to basics, and that's where I have all your bases covered!

If you're looking to start developing (or improving) your brand, and really putting in the targeted work to scale your business and generate the content and leads to capture (and keep) your audience, I am here to help! With a concentration in sustainable growth practices and targeted content strategy, I can help you to scale your business and meet your goals!

Digital Marketing, and especially content creation, is something I have always enjoyed, and my ever growing Marketing Skillset makes me love it even more! I thoroughly enjoy both lending my voice to creative endeavors, and helping businesses, brands, and individuals to find their own.

My experience with building marketing campaigns, designing impactful and aesthetic websites, and making a splash in social media have honed my ability to find what has the most marketable value in your business, and get that message in front of your target demographic.

Let's identify what makes your brand and business unique, and use that to grow your leads and audience!

I pride myself on being able to identify and act on realistic business goals, and to deliver above and beyond quality content. I can help you to identify your marketing potential and needs, and convey a clear understanding of what a holistic approach to your marketing efforts can do for you. Understanding what is truly achievable and how to act on it can give any size business the support it needs to launch or even re-invigorate!

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Work History

Search Engine Optimization turned out to be everything I wanted in a career - and I found it completely by accident! Since completing my SEO Certification, I have worked as a freelance consultant and content creator for new businesses and individuals looking to grow their business using SEO and quality content. It started with ghostwriting for a gardening site, grew to include word wrangling with writers, tips and tricks for a travel blog, and now its posts and pages for a publisher!

Freelance Writer | 2008

With a natural talent for expository writing, I was able to get a job writing articles and essays at a small local advertising agency.

Ghostwriter | 2010

Committing to long term projects with clients taught me how to establish a client's 'voice' (and how to keep my own out of their content).

Blog Manager | 2017

Being given full creative control over a brand new blog in a niche new to me drove me to dive into digital marketing to find best practices.

SEO Specialist | 2018

SEO - Writing, content creation, and strategy!? Sign me up! So I completed the Coursera SEO Certification and got to work!

SEO Consulting | 2019

With my shiny new certification in tow I started performing audits, conducting research, creating reports, and presenting on my findings in one-on-one and corporate settings.

Webmaster | 2020

Volunteer work led me to take on my most demanding role yet - webmaster for an online community. Creating a site from scratch and maintaining it through growth of the online community taught me so much!

SEO & Web Consultant | 2022

Here we are! Consulting is a general term, but its the best way to encompass all the aspects I can cover in a project.

By University of California, Davis on Coursera. Certificate earned at February 17, 2019

This certification is the foundation of my marketing repertoire and one of my proudest accomplishments! This shiny button on my vest is a personal achievement I'll always remember as the certificate that launched my career!

Continuing my education with Coursera

Professional and personal development are both a passion and hobby. I really, really enjoy learning new things and keeping my creative juices flowing! Here's the highlights of my ongoing education and more credentials I will be adding to my resume in the near future!