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Check out some of my outstanding and long term clients to view the range and quality of my work!

Astrology Readings and Custom Jewelry

Two sides of one busy bee live on this site - a jewelry designer by daylight and an astrology reader under the stars. Bsquared is a merger of creative endeavors and showcases two intertwined businesses.

Monthly Moon Ritual Subscription

A monthly subscription offered by Bonnie Beth of Bsquared, this ritual service delivers everything you need to connect to the rhythms of the moon in the peace and comfort of your own home.

Custom Signs and Decor

This Indie Shop in Indiana creates custom order signs on reclaimed barnwood. They visit local vendor events and use their online presence to facilitate their custom orders and delivery. 


These sites all belong to authors, some indie, some traditional, and some hybrid, who use their websites as their home base for their online author platforms and to promote their works.


For a business which has limited 'product' availability, the ability to update and ease of maintenance is key! And a hint of local SEO goes a long way!

English Labrador Retriever Breeder in southern Kansas, USA

Created Using Wix.com

Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeder in central    North Carolina, USA

Created Using Google Sites


In Ann Arbor a Community Commons is growing from a plot in center of the city, and they are using their online presence to inform, educate, and invite their townsfolk and supporters abroad to join them.

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